How I made $1,200 in 1-hour

💥💥 How I made $1,200 in 1-hour 💥💥

💰💰2 Free Stocks valued up to $1,400 👉

💰💰 Chase Link

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My first step was to go to Chase Bank’s website ( and request a promotional code, a link is in the description below.

Sadly, this part only works if you are not an existing Chase Bank customer, if you already have a banking relationship with them you are not able to take advantage of this program, but do not worry, stay to the end of the video as I still have additional tips that work for you.

Additionally, many other banks offer very similar programs, like TD Bank, etc. Check with your local bank as they might be able to match or even beat this promotion from Chase.

Once you have your Chase promotional coupon code, you have two options. You can go to your local Chase bank branch location or open your account completely online.

Chase offers you $200 to open a new Chase Total Checking as long as you set up a direct deposit from your employer.

After you open your account make sure you follow ALL OF THE RULES to get your bonus and to avoid monthly service fees. If you go in person they will give you a printout showing you exactly what rules you need to follow. Make sure you read this carefully as they may have changed the rules after I made this video.

For me, the rules were simple. I must make at least $500 in total payroll direct deposits each month during the first three months. After three months they will automatically deposit your $200 into your checking account in about 2-weeks.

It is also important that you avoid their monthly service fees. You can do this by either #1 maintaining your direct deposits of at least $500 per month, or #2 keep a daily balance of at least $1,500 in your checking.

There is also technically a third option, if you are current or prior US Military they waive the monthly service fee. NOTE: the military waiver does not wave the direct deposit requirements to get your $200 bonus, only the requirements to keep the account service fee-free.

For me, it took about 20 minutes to get my personal accounts setup, so now you either have made $200 or $350. Not bad, but we still have more money to make.

Chase also offers a $500 bonus for opening a business checking account. This is very similar to the personal account process. You need a coupon code (link below in the description), but here you need to make a deposit of $2,500 and maintain that for 90-days, plus you need to make at least 5 “qualifying transactions” – these can be using your debit card, using the mobile app to scan deposit checks, etc.

You will need to bring your business formation documents, usually an Articles of Incorporation or an Operating Agreement for an LLC, and your Federal Tax EIN number.

But what if you do not have a business? Well, you should, but no worries, it is a pretty easy process.

Should I make a video showing you how to start your own business in less than an hour? If so, comment below and I will.

Back to the Chase promo. They also offer a bonus for opening a business Ink credit card as well. This is an additional $500 bonus.

Collectively opening all of my Chase accounts took about 45 minutes, most of the time the Personal Banker was typing away at his computer. While I sat there I did one last thing to make another $15 and this is a bonus tip that works even if you do not want to open Chase accounts.

I opened a Webull stock trading account on my iPhone. Once my account was set up and funded they gave me two free stocks.

In my case, my two free stocks were 1-share of Investors Bancorp a bank located in New Jersey, this stock is up almost 1% already. The second stock was Groupon, sadly in this case the stock is down about 2% this week, but that is all part of the stock market game. Either way, both stocks were totally free!

The stocks they give you are randomly selected and value between $2 – $1,400 each. Maybe someone with more luck than me will get more than $15.

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In closing a quick statement: I am not a lawyer, CPA, tax advisor, realtor, financial advisor, etc., etc., I have absolutely no licenses/certifications in anything related to these industries, I am just a dude on the internet. So, in full disclosure: the information I provide here is for “entertainment purposes only” and you should seek counsel from competent and certified individuals if you have questions.

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