Has President Trump changed American politics forever?

The American people made their voices heard in the 2016 presidential campaign when they elected Donald J. Trump as the 45th president of the United States of America.

Coming off the horrible administration of Barack Obama, the political parties were torn. Could we afford another eight years of “Obama 2.0” with Hillary Clinton in the white house? Would her administration be as prosperous as her husband’s term; or, more likely would we suffer and pungle the country into deeper termole?

The neo-cons/powerful elites or the Deep State, as we refer to them, were so entrenched in the status quo that they are all suffering a group delusion. Members of the media have coined the phrase Trump Derangement Syndrome to refer to those that suffer from this psychosis. These political and social elites are completely flabbergasted and in denial of the presidential election. In their minds, democracy has failed, as there is no other reasonable explanation, at least to their logic, for Trump to have won the election.

America Hijacked
America Hijacked

Today, we find ourselves at a point in time where those in power are so desperate to remain in power, they will do anything to maintain the status quo. Political parties of Republicans or Democrats and political ideologies alike have been hijacked to divide and conquer the populous and keep the people ignorant as to whom is really pulling the strings.

The surprising turn of events was the 2016 election when the Republican party turned away from their historical support for the big business of Wall Street and focused on the working class. Was this altruistic or just pure dumb luck, who knows? Either way, the party started fighting for the forgotten folks in middle America.

The truth is that the real fascists have infiltrated the left and brand themselves under the more socially acceptable term of democratic socialism. The party is split into multiple competing factions, each trying to outdo the other with even grander social entitlements. They only thing they can collectively agree upon is their hatred for Trump and to heavily tax the wealthy to provide the poor with everything for free.

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