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After returning to civilian life from the US Navy, I moved back to my hometown of Tampa Bay, Florida, and I began working with a group of foreclosure flippers as an errand boy and notary. Over a 6-month period I learned all of the ins and outs of foreclosures, lis pendens, surplus collection, skip tracing, and more.

I will not name names, but these guys were most definitely not the most ethical businessmen in the world. In fact, they were down-right crooks and a few of them have since gone to prison.

One of their 2-bed/2-bath condo rentals had recently been discovered to have major structural issues to the entire building, affecting multiple units, and this would make it difficult for them to continue to rent it.

There was a pending lawsuit against the construction company that built all of the buildings. I also knew that the construction company was choosing to quickly settle instead of taking it to trial. With this knowledge, I knew the structural issues would be handled quickly and with little expense.

Armed with my savvy research, I kept the condo and after living in it for just over a year, I sold it for nearly $120k.

During the next three years, I acquired, repaired, and sold over 150 single-family residences. At the peak, I had a crew of 17 working for me fixing these homes and multiple investors behind me that bankrolled the deals.

I specialized in the more challenging to acquire properties and left the low-margin, low hanging fruit for the less experienced wannabe investors. Many of my deals required tracking down the heirs of estates, the estranged spouse of a homeowner, incarcerated individuals, etc. and I became very skilled in tracking people down when they did not want to be found.

Many of these deals I would acquire in lis pendens or “pre-foreclosure” status for $5-$10k cash that I would give to the homeowner. Add in $10-$15k in cleaning/fixing up the house and I would sell the house within 45-days. With most deals profiting me $15-20k.

Many times I wouldn’t even catch make the past-due payments on the mortgage current, as I knew the courts were so backed up in foreclosure cases, I had 2-3 months to sell the house before the courthouse auction. Of course, when I flipped the house, all past-due mortgages would be paid in full at closing.

During this time, I did very well financially, however, I was still a bit of a dumb 20 something dude and put a little too much time (and money) into nights out at the clubs with beautiful young ladies. I thought the real estate market would continue forever, and I missed the warning signs.

For the next few months, I lived on his mother’s unfished back-porch as we started our tech company stockNum Systems. The floors where bare plywood, the windows, and doors fully hung and allowed the bitter Virginia winter cold air to flow through the room at night. It was like camping, but with a real roof to at least keep the rain & snow off.

This was when I decided to get back into real estate, but this time I had the knowledge and experience to guide me. I would no longer buy, fix, and flip properties, no, this time, I was keeping my properties and renting them out.

The big issue with flips is you get all your money in one shot, and you must immediately go out and buy a new property, fix it up and sell it. There was no way to scale it. If you wanted to increase your income that month, you needed to do more deals and it was really hard to do more than 3 or 4 deals a month.

Of course, I do not wish to gloss over the fact there is on-going maintenance and carrying costs associated with keeping a property, but in the grand scheme of things, this is a far better model for long term financial success and growth.

Of course, I do have a few affiliate links in my videos that I hope you will use and maybe, one day, I might choose to monetize this channel in other ways. Either path I take, know that the goal is and always will be to give you guys the best advice possible.

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In closing a quick statement: I am not a lawyer, CPA, tax advisor, realtor, financial advisor, etc., etc., I have absolutely no licenses/certifications in anything related to these industries, I am just a dude on the internet. So, in full disclosure: the information I provide here is for “entertainment purposes only” and you should seek counsel from competent and certified individuals if you have questions.

In the words of another great Youtuber, @ MeetKevin, #DontSueMeBro

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